Still In School?

We know finding out you're pregnant while in school can be a lot to swallow. Suddenly you are faced with the reality of continuing school while navigating an unplanned pregnancy. You are not in this alone. You may be thinking...

  • How will I finish school now?
  • What will my friends and classmates think?
  • How do I take care of a child?
  • Who will support me financially?
  • What will my parents and partner think?
  • What are my options?

Though an unplanned pregnancy is challenging, it's still possible to continue school while continuing a pregnancy! With free support and resources, we at New Life Medical Services can help you along your pregnancy journey.

Confirm You're Pregnant

Before making any decision about your pregnancy, you first want to be sure you're pregnant. Schedule a free lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound to confirm you are pregnant - and that it's a healthy, viable pregnancy. An ultrasound will also determine what options you qualify for.

Your Pregnancy Options

Pregnancy symptoms are tough when balancing school and everything else in life, but students can thrive with a good plan put in place.

Your pregnancy options include abortion, adoption, and parenting. The decision is yours to make, but if you are possibly wanting to continue your pregnancy, we know you may have questions about your options. Our team can help answer your most pressing questions. We are here to listen and support you.

Free Resources & Support

New Life Medical Services empowers you with the information and support you need to make a decision about your pregnancy and next steps.

Whichever pregnancy option you are considering, we are here to better inform you about what's possible. Our team is here to offer you the resources and the support you need to make an informed decision.

Contact us today to set up a free and confidential pregnancy confirmation appointment and learn more about your options. We can discuss the parenting support we offer and any other resources that may help you at this time.

I love this program. They help you with all the needs for you and your children. Everyone is really friendly and they love you and your kids. I would recommend New Life Medical Services to all new moms.

I love the ladies at New Life Medical Services! They have helped me through a miscarriage and two pregnancies. They help with anything you could possibly need. If they can help you they will. I'm so thankful for all their help and support.

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