Ultrasounds in Lake Charles, LA

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Maybe you're wondering if you need an ultrasound? Is it really necessary?

Yes - it's essential to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound and get answers about your pregnancy before moving forward with any pregnancy decision. During an ultrasound, you will learn vital information about your pregnancy that a pregnancy test simply cannot tell you.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

An early ultrasound is an advanced diagnostic technique performed by trained medical staff and used to determine if the pregnancy is viable at the point of the scan and dating of the pregnancy. It is an important step in understanding your pregnancy & abortion questions. Depending on your individual situation, our center may offer limited obstetrical ultrasound at no charge in order to:

  1. Detect fetal heartbeat
  2. Determine approximate due date
  3. Determine the number of fetuses
  4. Determine the location of pregnancy (intrauterine v. ectopic)
  5. Advise immediate medical attention at an emergency room, if indicated

What Is An Ultrasound?

The process is simple - an ultrasound uses an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images inside your uterus.

A device called a transducer shows the inside of your uterus and sends out sound waves into your body and receives the echoes that bounce back, creating images on a screen.

Alerts You To Potential Risks

Some women experience pregnancy complications like ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside the uterus) or miscarriage. To determine if this is the case, an ultrasound is needed.

An ultrasound alerts you to both potential pregnancy risks and health complications. Some health risks could eliminate pregnancy options for you, so it's vital you don't skip this step of pregnancy verification.

A Free & Confidential Ultrasound

After confirming your pregnancy through an ultrasound, it's time to consider your pregnancy options. Your three options are adoption, abortion, or parenting. We can better inform you about them all.

First, setup your pregnancy test appointment which may be followed up by an ultrasound if you are pregnant. Get answers to your many pregnancy questions. We are here to help.

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